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Unti the Real Thing Comes Along - Single

Recorded a number of years ago as a surprise for my dad 

one Father's Day ...

And it was played for the father-daughter dance at my wedding

in 2016.

This song is also on the "this is why" album (different version)  -- 

but this first recording is simple and sweet...

My dad was in studio during recording with John Walsh on bass 

and Frank Rowland on drums.

I hope you'll enjoy it ... 

please scroll down to the music player for a clip.

... thank you for listening!

About the music...


this is why .....

And it began. . . 

With a love for jazz standards a few songs I'd written, I jumped in on a project.  Questioning hiring recommended musicians I didn't know for the first album, I was absolutely (and happily) surprised at how amazing and incredibly talented they were -- after recording the first song in the studio I was in awe and thrilled!  Sharing tracks from the first recording session with my friend (and guitarist) Doug Mann, he nodded as I couldn't stop smiling .... this is why ... this is why .... this is why you hire this caliber of musicians.  Well, that was it -- the name of the first cd which was previously undecided --  "this is why" ...
I hope you'll love it!



A lovely lady named Effie Joy reached out to me on myspace many years ago and said she wrote a song called Endlessly.  She'd wanted Diana Krall to hear/sing it but Effie thought that was a bit out of reach, so she came to me.  I listened, I liked it, I played it on the piano and sang it -- but Effie's slow, romantic melody turned into a snappy tune as it blossomed in my mind and I fell in love with it... so much that I made it the title cut on the album.  I was honored to have Effie Joy join us for the LA Music Awards the year the album came out -- she was a hoot!  

Effie.... I know you're listening from Heaven . . .



The musicians

The musicians on Sherry's albums include the best of the best -- in no particular order:  Jerry Donato, Mike King, Bill Moio, Michael Kocour,

Dom Moio, Todd Chuba, Steven VonWald, Armand Boatman, 

Doug Mann, and Steve Gold.

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